South Carolina

There’s not much I like about South Carolina other than Greenville, Charleston, and Myrtle Beach. But to the state’s credit, there are a few nice waterfalls scattered in the northwestern corner of the state. My general disdain for South Carolina comes from two primary causes – the people and the roads, both of which are pretty hard to miss. From what I can tell, the state has done a decent job in recent years of improving their roads as long as said road is an interstate or a major road near a large city. But if you go 20 miles out of town in any direction, the roads become a teeth chattering, tire chewing nightmare. This is generally what you’ll find in the rural mountain areas.

The people, bless their hearts, do what they can. But when you live in a state that doesn’t put much effort into education, but rather spends its free time running through a carton of cigarettes, there’s not much you can actually do. And when you combine the people and their roads, you get half of them that do 15 miles per hour over the speed limit and the other half that go 10 miles per hour under it. You will never see a car with a South Carolina license plate doing the posted speed limit. Ever.

Kings Creek Falls
Ramsey Creek Falls
Raven Cliff Falls
Reedy Branch Falls
Reedy River Falls
Spoonauger Falls
Station Cove Falls
Twin Falls
Wildcat Wayside Falls
Yellow Branch Falls

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