A Guide to Waterfalls of the Appalachian Mountains

by John Hinson


I’m pretty passionate about hiking to waterfalls. So much so that I want to share my experiences with the world. I’ve spent the last few years hiking trails to waterfalls along the Appalachian Mountains (mostly in North Carolina) to bring you the ultimate beginner’s guide for hikes in the region. Almost all of the hikes on this website are good for people who don’t get out much, have small children, or can’t physically do moderately strenuous activities.

This website is divided into several regions with descriptions to over 100 different waterfalls. If you want to know more or want help putting together a good waterfalling road trip, feel free to contact me.



6/6/21 – Added new listings for Grassy Creek and Bridal Veil Falls in DuPont State Forest, as well as Merry and High (Cullowhee) Falls.

6/1/21 – Added new listings for Camp CreekCatheys CreekEast Fork, and Frozen Creek Falls

5/10/21 – Added new listing for Stony Creek Falls near Durham, NC

4/7/21 – Added new listings for CunninghamWhirlpool CanyonNay AugShohola, and Raymondskill Falls. Also added a listing for the Big Mine Run Geyser.

3/7/21 – Added new listings for Riders and Moores Spring Falls

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North Carolina and the southern Appalachian Mountains are teeming with waterfalls. But where do you begin? Appalachian Waterfalls: A Guide for Beginners is a great resource for anyone who wants to explore the waterfalls in the Appalachian Mountains. It is available for purchase directly through the publisher – Lulu, Inc. – as well as Amazon, and Barnes & Noble!