Yellow Branch Falls

Height: 50 feet
Trail Type: Dirt
Hike Distance: 3 miles round trip
Difficulty: 10
Beauty: 6


I might be biased against Yellow Branch Falls based on my own personal stupidity. For starters, I visited this falls on July 4th weekend when it was conveniently 100 degrees outside with full humidity. I also thought that the listed 1.5-mile distance to the falls was round trip rather than one-way. Lastly, I caught the falls in a relatively dry period, so I certainly didn’t get the full effect. Regardless, what you’ll find at the end of the trail (assuming you make it) is a beautiful 50-foot falls that cascades in a multitude of individual tendrils over 6 or 7 rock ledges.


From the intersection of SC highway 28 and SC highway 11 in Walhalla, head west on SC 28 for 6.6 miles. The parking area will be on the left.

Hike Description:

There are two trails at the parking area. One leads from the information kiosk and crosses the creek at least once. The other starts near the highway and is much easier. The two trails eventually join each other and descend down the mountain. There’s a total elevation loss along the trail of over 700 feet. Even more, the trail gets really narrow in places, with a dirt ridge on one side and a deep ravine on the other. The trail eventually ends at the base of the falls, but if you want a front and center view, you’ll have to get your feet wet.

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