Raven Cliff Falls

Height: 300 feet
Trail Type: Gravel and Dirt
Hike Distance: 4.4 miles round trip
Difficulty: 9
Beauty: 6


Raven Cliff Falls is a large waterfall in Caesar’s Head State Park just inside the border of South Carolina. The falls start as a series of drops and cascades before ending in a final freefall of likely more than 200 feet. The problem is that you’re looking at the falls from across the gorge and can’t really get much closer unless you’re insane. 

If you want to see a similarly large waterfall with an easier hike, go to Whitewater Falls.


Although the falls are in South Carolina, it’s easiest to get to them from Brevard. In downtown Brevard, head south on US 276 for 14 miles and park in the small lot on the left. The lot fills up fast because there are several other trails here, but there’s an overflow lot on the right just before the main lot.

Hike Description:

The trail crosses the road and heads down the slope. It’s not terribly difficult in either direction – it’s just long. The trail is wide and easy to follow. Any hiker should be able to follow it easily.

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