Kings Creek Falls

Height: 80 feet
Trail Type: Gravel and dirt
Hike Distance: 1.5 miles round trip
Difficulty: 7
Beauty: 10


As much as I don’t want to admit it, this is one of my favorite waterfalls of all time. These massive falls drop down several jagged mini rock ledges before curving and dropping more into a shallow pool. If you go, you might argue that these falls are much higher than 80 feet, and I’d probably agree with you. The other listings I saw had these falls at 70 feet, so I’ve taken some liberty and added some height of my own. I could probably study a topo map and get an accurate measurement, but I’m too lazy to do that and you really only care about how generally tall the falls are.


From the intersection of SC highway 183 and SC highway 28 in downtown Walhalla, head west on SC 28 for about 8 miles to the intersection with SC highway 107. This is just under 3 miles beyond the parking area for Yellow Branch Falls. Head north on SC 107 for 13 miles and turn left onto Burrells Ford Road. Pay attention to your odometer here. The road isn’t marked and you can easily drive past it. Drive 2.3 miles and park at the Burrells Ford Campground.

Hike Description:

Take the wide gravel path at the far end of the parking lot for about ¼ mile to where the trail splits at the campsites. Continue straight for a few yards and take the Kings Creek trail that cuts off to the left. The trail makes a gentle ascent into the woods as it follows Kings Creek. At some point, a massive hemlock fell over the trail; however, rather than cutting it out, the park service cut a step into it so you can hop over. I don’t know if you’ll find it as interesting as I did, but I liked it. The trail ends at the base of the falls. If water levels are down, you can easily hop across the creek to a small beach area.

Alternatively, the Foothills Trail crosses Burrells Ford Road just before you get to the campground and intersects with the Kings Creek Trail. It will probably cut some distance off the hike, but I don’t know how strenuous it is.

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