Twin Falls (SC)

Height: 75 feet
Trail Type: Dirt and rock
Hike Distance: 0.5 miles round trip
Difficulty: 4
Beauty: 8


Also known as Reedy Cove Falls, Reedy Cove Creek splits just before the brink, creating two different falls both dropping about 75 feet before rejoining a few dozen yards below the base of the falls and continuing on its way. The right side of the falls is the least exciting of the two drops, though it’s still really nice if you can see it through the overgrowth of trees. The right side of the falls has an initial drop and then a long slide down a smooth rock face. It looks a lot like an on-ramp joining a highway as the water slides down a ridge above a larger open area to the left side. Even up on the ridge, the right side of the falls splits again through some trees, but only when water levels are high.

The left side of the falls is definitely the best part. There is an initial short drop followed by a massive vertical drop over a flat rock wall. As long as everything is dry, there’s plenty of open rock around the falls that allows you to get right up next to the falls, which is pretty rare for a falls of this size.


From the intersection of SC highway 11 and US 178 in the middle of nowhere, head north on US 178 for 3.2 miles and turn left onto Cleo Chapman Highway. There’s a biker bar at the intersection here. Drive for another 2 miles where the road makes a sharp turn to the left. Turn right here on what looks like a private driveway. Drive for 1 mile and turn right onto Water Falls Road. The road ends at a parking area for the falls.

Hike Description:

The hike is relatively level as it follows Reedy Cove Creek except for a narrow section that runs along a ravine above the creek. The trail officially ends at an observation deck giving you a full view of both falls. However, it’s very easy to climb down and walk out on the rocks to get right up next to the falls.

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