Upper Cascades

Height: 25 feet
Trail Type: Asphalt and gravel
Hike Distance: 0.6 miles round trip
Difficulty: 3
Beauty: 5


While not as wonderful as Lower Cascades, the Upper Cascades are still worth the trip since you’re already in the area. Plus, the trail is pretty easy. When you get to the base, you’re standing within 10 feet of the falls. On a day when water levels are up, you’ll definitely get a face full of mist. The creek slips through a narrow slit in the rocks, which allows you to hop over and get close enough to run your fingers through the falls if you want.


From the Lower Cascades parking lot, turn left and follow the road to its end (which is Moores Spring Road again). Turn right and follow Moores Spring Road to the end where you’ll see signs directing you to the entrance for Hanging Rock State Park. Follow the road for just under 2 miles. Turn left and park in the main lot for the visitor’s center. The trailhead starts at the near end of the lot (and crosses the main road you just came in on).

Hike Description:

The first part of this trail is paved before turning to gravel and descending down to a handicap accessible viewing area that really doesn’t give you a great view of the falls. Instead, take the stairs down to the base for an up-close view.

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