Lower Cascades

Height: 35 feet
Trail Type: Gravel, dirt, and stairs
Hike Distance: 0.8 miles round trip
Difficulty: 5
Beauty: 7


The lower cascades is by far the prettiest waterfall east of Interstate 77. It was first discovered by German naturalist Lewis David von Schweinitz, who originally named it Schweinitz Falls. Thankfully, someone cared less about German naming rights and gave the falls the much simpler name of Lower Cascades.

From the base of the falls, you are shadowed by a massive overhanging rock wall to your left while the creek fills in a pool before rushing out of sight. There are several flat areas of exposed rock for you to sit on and hang out for as long as you want.


From Tory’s Falls, go back out to Mickey Road and turn right. Drive 0.8 miles and turn right onto Hall Road. The parking area will be 2.2 miles down the road on the left.

Hike Description:

From the parking area, the trail rises and falls very gently for the first 0.3 miles. Eventually, you’ll come to the edge of the mountain where you’ll take several stairs down to the base.

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