Elakala Falls

Height: Over 100 feet
Trail Type: Dirt
Hike Distance: As much as you want
Difficulty: Until you quit
Beauty: 5


Elakala Falls is the other main waterfall inside Blackwater Falls State Park. The falls are in four sections, but you can really only see two up close. The trail for the top two sections begins at the park lodge. The top section is what’s shown in the video above. The trail continues down to the second section, and there’s a wicked scramble to the third and biggest section. However, your best bet to view the third and fourth sections are from the overlook from across the canyon.


The park is located near the town of Davis, West Virginia. You’ll see signs directing you to the park. Once you’re inside, to get to the main trail, turn left at the first crossroads and drive until you reach the parking lot for the lodge. For the canyon overlook to see the full falls, continue straight at the crossroads and go until it seems like the road makes a U-turn. Park here and walk out to the overlook.

Hike Description:

The trail begins on the left side of the lodge and twists through the woods before crossing the creek. The first section is just below the bridge over the creek. You can continue down a few more yards to the second section, but it’s much smaller than the top portion.

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