Cedar Rock Falls

Height: 20 feet
Trail Type: Dirt and gravel
Hike Distance: 2 miles round trip
Difficulty: 7
Beauty: 7


Despite it being on the small side, Cedar Rock Falls is one of the prettier falls in the area. However, it doesn’t get a lot of the same attention as the more popular falls like Looking Glass or Sliding Rock, either because it’s just not as well-known, or because it takes a little more work to get to. Regardless, if you’re in the area, it’s worth the hike.


From the intersection of US 64 and US 276 in Brevard, head north on US 276 for 5.3 miles and turn left where the road splits onto FR 475. Drive another 1.5 miles and park at the Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education. 

Hike Description:

The falls is along the Cat Gap Trail, which starts at a metal gate at the back of the parking lot. Just after crossing the bridge over Cedar Rock Creek, the Cat Gap Trail splits to the right. Hike up the ridge, across a small creek crossing that could be muddy if it’s rained recently, and then over a somewhat unstable footbridge back across Cedar Rock Creek. 

The next .4 miles is a gradual uphill climb, but mostly doable. When you reach the top of the hill, look for a side trail that breaks off to the left and goes back down the ridge. This part of the trail gets narrow in places, but it will bring you along a rock wall and give you the view in the picture above. From there, you can scramble down to the creek and stand on some larger rocks in front of the falls.

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