Moores Spring Falls

Height: 10 feet
Trail Type: Dirt
Hike Distance: A few yards
Difficulty: 2
Beauty: 3


Moores Spring Falls is the unofficial sixth waterfall inside Hanging Rock State Park, mainly because it’s so small and there just isn’t much to see. The falls are very close to the road and look as though they’re what’s left of an old dam. I can’t tell if these are manmade falls, or just what remained after the dam was left alone. If you’re going to see the falls in Hanging Rock, you don’t need to make a special stop for this one unless you’re just going to check it off your list.


From Tory’s Falls, go back out to Mickey Road and turn right. Turn right onto Moores Spring Road and 1.3 miles to the bridge over Cascade Creek. This is downstream from the Lower Cascades. There are places to park on either side of the bridge, but the trail down to the falls is just before the crossing.

Hike Description

The trail leads down from the road to the creek and you’ll immediately see the falls and the ruins of the dam that used to be here. If you want to get up close, you’ll need to make a slightly tricky creek crossing, but nothing too difficult.

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