Fall Creek Falls

Height: 15 feet
Trail Type: Dirt
Hike Distance: 0.2 miles
Difficulty: 2
Beauty: 5


Fall Creek Falls isn’t impressive by any means and isn’t anything worth making a special trip for. But it’s also a good reminder that even a “small” waterfall is still a pretty sight. 


From Hanging Rock State Park at the intersection of Hanging Rock Park Road and NC highways 8/89, turn left and drive north for 1.5 miles and follow NC highway 8 when it splits just after crossing the Dan River. Drive another 4.5 miles and turn right onto Snow Hill Church Road. When that road ends, turn right onto NC highway 704 east. Drive 1.6 miles and turn left at the stoplight onto Amostown Road. Drive 5.2 miles and bear right onto Anglin Mill Road. Drive another 3.7 miles and turn left onto Deshazo Road. Here, the road turns to gravel after a short distance. You’ll cross Fall Creek after almost a mile. You’ll then see several small wooden posts on the left side – this is where the trail starts.

Hike Description:

The trail follows an old dirt path down into the woods before cutting back left toward the creek. You’ll come to the top of the falls, but the walk down to the base is easy. The way the creek flows after the falls, there’s enough dry bank to allow you to stand directly in front of the wide falls, which allows you to see all the character it has. Although it’s relatively short, the water drops over four or five huge ledges, and the rock is several shades of brown depending on the last time the water flowed over it.

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