Wigwam Falls

Height: 30 feet
Trail Type: Dirt
Hike Distance: A few yards
Difficulty: 2
Beauty: 2


Wigwam Falls is located near Milepost 34 on the Blue Ridge Parkway at the Yankee Horse Trail pullout. Even if there wasn’t a waterfall here, it’s a neat little area for photographers. There’s an old railroad line here that was reconstructed from an old narrow-gauge logging railroad in the early 1900s.

Unless you happen upon Wigwam Falls, which is just a few dozen yards up the trail, shortly after a torrential downpour or when the mountain snow is in full melt, the 30-foot falls that slide down the exposed gray rock are rather unimpressive.


If you’re coming from Crabtree Falls, the Yankee Horse Trail exhibit is about 7 miles south of the intersection with Virginia highway 56 near Milepost 34.

Hike Description:

The trail climbs a few steps and crosses the reconstructed railroad and climbs a short hill to the base.

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