Glenn Falls

Height: 30 feet
Trail Type: Grass
Hike Distance: A few feet
Difficulty: 0
Beauty: 8


Thanks to Virginia being secretive (bad) about sharing their waterfalls, I didn’t know about Glenn Falls until I drove right past it. The problem is that the falls is in someone’s front yard. However, I pulled in just as the homeowner was getting out of her car. I asked if it was okay to visit and she said yes.

In the spring and summer when everything is in bloom, this might be one of the prettiest settings in the state. The creek shrinks into a tiny crevice at the top of the falls before spilling into an open grotto surrounded by vines, bushes, and rocks. The water that fills in the splash pool at the base is one of the most brilliant shades of blue I’ve ever seen.


From the parking lot at Crabtree Falls, head west on VA highway 56 for 11.5 miles. The falls will be on the left.

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