Ozone Falls

Height: 110 feet
Trail Type: Dirt and rock
Hike Distance: 0.8 miles round trip
Difficulty: 8
Beauty: 9


Ozone Falls is a magnificent waterfall in an assuming part of eastern Tennessee. Highway 70 crosses Fall Creek near the top of the falls, and you’d never know you were coming to the edge of a cliff until you were right on top of it.

The waterfall is a straight free fall all the way down. The cliff around it creates a beautiful natural amphitheater. Even better, Fall Creek disappears into an underground cave at the base before reappearing a few yards downstream.


From Crab Orchard, take Exit 329 off on Interstate 40 and get onto US 70 east. Drive 4.5 miles to the parking area on the right.

Hike Description:

Tennessee has made this a State Natural Area, but hasn’t done a great job of building out trails. There are several paths to walk around at the top of the falls, but the main trail to the base is back down the highway a few yards. It’s a scramble almost the entire way. It’s certainly doable, but you’ll need to go slow to navigate all of the exposed boulders on your way down.

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