Greeter Falls

Height: 50 feet
Trail Type: Everything
Hike Distance: 1.1 miles round trip
Difficulty: 9
Beauty: 8


Greeter Falls is the main waterfall in the Savage Gulf area of southeastern Tennessee. Like most waterfalls in the area, it’s a free fall down a steep sandstone cliff carved by a strong creek. 


From Interstate 24 East near Pelham, take exit 127 and turn left. Drive for roughly 34 miles through Pelham and Altamont and turn right onto Greeter Falls Road. The parking area is at the end of the road on the left.

Hike Description:

The trail starts off level before beginning its descent at a split. Take the left pathway and follow the Greeter Trail for a few hundred yards before coming to another split. Going right takes you to the smaller Boardtree Falls, which may not be worth it. Continue right as the trail turns from dirt and smooth rock to expose roots and jagged rock. If it has recently rained, this will be a nightmare.

Shortly before you reach the ledge, the trail splits again to the upper and lower falls. The upper falls are much shorter and not really worth it. You want to go to the lower falls and take the metal spiral staircase down to the base.

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