Great Falls (TN)

Height: 30 feet
Trail Type: Asphalt
Hike Distance: A few dozen feet
Difficulty: 0
Beauty: 2


Great Falls is the original waterfall in the Rock Island State Park area, and if you’re the super adventurous type, there’s a way to get down to the riverbed and jump off the relatively short falls. If the water levels are high, the falls may disappear completely underneath the floodwater, but that would still be a spectacular sight.


From the intersection of TN highway 136 and Powerhouse Road, cross the river and drive south for 1.2 miles. Turn right onto Great Falls Road at the community of Rock Island. This road actually travels over the ridge where the water for Twin Falls flows through, which is mind-boggling to think that you’re driving over the top of a waterfall. You can also continue on this road to other areas of the park. However, you want the first parking area on the right just after an old building that’s part of the dam.

Hike Description:

Get out of your car and walk over to the overlook. There are several trails in other areas of the park that would allow you to get down to the river level, but I didn’t check those out.

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