Shohola Falls

Height: 50 feet
Trail Type: Dirt
Hike Distance: A few dozen yards
Difficulty: 4
Beauty: 7


Shohola Falls sits just below a dam on one of Pennsylvania’s many game lands. However, there likely won’t be many hunters here. Instead, this spot easily gets overrun with people fishing both above and below the falls. Although you’ll likely have company when visiting the falls, this is a really pretty spot.


From exit 34 on Interstate 84 in rural Pennsylvania, head north on PA 739 for a short time before turning right onto PA 434. Drive about 4 miles and turn right onto US 6. Drive another 2.5 miles and turn right onto the road just after the bridge that crosses Shohola Creek. Take that road all the way to the large parking area.

Hike Description:

There isn’t really an official trail, but there’s been enough foot traffic to wear an easy-to-follow path. From the parking area, walk towards the dam and you’ll see the path down to the falls on the right. The creek makes a 90-degree turn at the bottom of the falls, and many fishermen have carved a ledge/natural viewing platform at the base of the falls. However, good luck catching a view from there, as it will most likely be full of people fishing.

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