Riggs Branch Falls

Height: 45 feet
Trail Type: Dirt
Hike Distance: A few yards
Difficulty: 2
Beauty: 7


Riggs Branch Falls is one of several waterfalls along US 60 in central West Virginia. The falls are in two different freefalls before emptying into a shallow pool. It looks like there are remnants of an old mill or dam here at the bottom, but I’m not sure.


From Charleston, WV, take exit 65 from Interstate 64 and head east on US 60 for a little under 22 miles. There are two other falls on the left before you reach Riggs Branch, but they are much smaller and likely dry up in the summer.

Hike Description:

There’s a wide pullout on the right side of the highway just past the falls you can park in. Walk back up the highway and walk along the railroad tracks back to the falls. 

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