Lower Genesee Falls

Height: 70 feet
Trail Type: Dirt
Hike Distance: .8 miles round trip
Difficulty: 4
Beauty: 7


Letchworth State Park is known as the “Grand Canyon of the East” where the Genesee River carves a large canyon through central New York. There are several waterfalls in the park, but the easiest to see and get to are the three main waterfalls along the Genesee River – Lower, Middle, and Upper Genesee Falls. The Lower falls are probably the least picturesque of the trio, but as you can see, it’s still a wonderful sight.


The easiest way to access the three falls is to enter the park via Portageville, New York. Drive about 2.3 miles and bear right onto the Lower Falls spur road. The parking area is at the end of the road.

Hike Description:

The trail begins at the end of the parking lot and meanders through trees and a playground before descending over 100 steps down to the river. The trail then comes out to an opening in the trees just above the falls. 

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