Big Mine Run Geyser

Height: 10 feet
Trail Type: Grass
Hike Distance: A few feet
Difficulty: 1
Beauty: 8


Granted, the Big Mine Run Geyser isn’t a waterfall in and of itself, but I’m counting it on this website for 3 reasons:

1 – It’s the only geyser east of the Mississippi River

2 – It’s a geyser and that’s really neat

3 – It does technically create a little cascading waterfall as it empties into the creek below.

This entire area is really neat. The abandoned town of Centralia is just a few miles to the north. A coal mine caught fire in the 1960s, forcing officials to evacuate the town permanently while the fire burned itself out (the noxious fumes from the fire were too toxic to keep people in the town). If you take Big Mine Run Road out from Ashland, you may see smoke from the still-burning coal fire seeping out from the rocky mountains along the road.


From the intersection of PA 61 and PA 54 on the east side of Ashland, head east on PA 54 for about 1.2 miles and turn left onto Big Mine Run Road. Drive a few yards and the geyser will be on the left.

Hike Description:

The geyser is right beside the road and could be jumping a few feet in the air (though I have seen pictures where the geyser was barely bubbling to the surface). There is a slight sulphur smell in the air, but nothing that makes it a miserable experience.

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