Anna Ruby Falls

Height: 153 and 50 feet
Trail Type: Asphalt
Hike Distance: 0.8 miles round trip
Difficulty: 5
Beauty: 9


Anna Ruby Falls is actually two waterfalls where Smith and York Creeks join together before forming Unicoi Lake, the centerpiece of Unicoi State Park. There is a $3 fee to park at Anna Ruby Falls.

The falls on Smith Creek are over 150 feet high and drop in two distinct sections. The first is a near free fall as the creek appears high above you on the mountain and falls down the slope. The creek then fans out in the bottom section before joining with the waters from York Creek. The York Creek falls are a straight 50-foot free fall.


From the intersection of GA highway 75 and GA highway 356 near Helen, head north on GA 356 for 1.3 miles and bear left onto Anna Ruby Falls Road. Head up the winding road and follow the signs for the falls.

Hike Description:

The entire trail is paved and follows the scenic Smith Creek up the ridge to the large wooden viewing platform at the base of the falls. There are several nice cascades and informational signs along the trail, so although the trail is relatively short, you can spend a ton of time here.

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