Whiteoak Falls

Height: 20 feet
Trail Type: Rock and dirt
Hike Distance: A few dozen yards round trip 
Difficulty: 4
Beauty: 4


I first found Whiteoak Falls by a happy accident. It was on my first real waterfall road trip and we were stopping at every pullout along every road to see what we could find. At the time, there wasn’t much to see from the top of the falls. But after doing some research, I learned what to do right.
Whiteoak Falls shifts and curves around a jagged rock wall, almost like watching someone walk down a rounded staircase. The pool at the bottom is relatively deep, and it looks like the area makes a good spot for swimming in the summer months.


From the intersection where US 64 continues west and US 441/US 23 go south, continue on US 64 west for 3.7 miles and turn right onto Patton Road. From there, take the very next left onto Wayah Road. Drive 23.8 miles and turn left onto Old River Road. There’s a parking area there for fly fisherman on the other side of the bridge.

Hike Description:

Walk back across the bridge and follow the makeshift path that follows the creek upstream. If water levels are up, you’ll have to improvise in places, but the trail is always visible up ahead of you. You can park at the pullout I originally stopped at, which is about 0.1 miles from Old River Road. It’s a difficult scramble down to the top and there’s not really much to see.

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