Little Bradley Falls

Height: 40 feet
Trail Type: Dirt
Hike Distance: 2 miles round trip
Difficulty: 8
Beauty: 8


Little Bradley Falls is listed at 40 feet, but it seems much higher than that. It falls in 4 distinct sections into a wide, moderately deep pool. On warmer days, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a bunch of people swimming here.


From Exit 59 off of Interstate 26 in Saluda, take Holbert Cove Road for a little over 3 miles to an obvious parking area on the right. This is where you’ll also have access to Big Bradley Falls as well.

Hike Description:

From the parking area, you’ll need to cross the road and over the bridge over Cove Creek. There’s another small parking area where the trail begins, so you can choose to park here as well.

The trail immediately forks. Common sense would dictate that you take the portion of the trail that follows the creek. Do NOT do this. Instead, take the path to the left that climbs the hill. It still follows the creek, but from higher up.

The trail does have a couple of tricky crossings where rainwater filters down the mountain. I imagine a few good thunderstorms could completely wash out the trail, so keep this in mind if you head out there. As long as you take your time and watch your step, you’ll be fine.

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