Alarka Falls

Height: 150 feet
Trail Type: Dirt
Hike Distance: 1 mile round trip
Difficulty: 6
Beauty: 2


On paper, Alarka Falls looks like it would be a wonderful sight. It’s 150 feet of cascading, waterfalling goodness. That is, until you get there and realize there’s no way to see all 150 feet at once and that getting to see all of it is really hard when there are a ton of fallen trees blocking the trail. This is one to visit if you’re just looking to knock it off the list.


From Exit 64 off of US 74 near Bryson City, head down Alarka Road for 9.6 miles. The road changes to gravel for the last 0.7 miles. Drive to the end of the road to where it looks like a turnaround. If you end up in a person’s driveway, you’ve gone too far.

Hike Description:

Follow the path that leads from the parking area. The trail makes a continuous gradual climb up the hill to the falls.

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