Stony Creek Falls

Height: 10 feet
Trail Type: Dirt
Hike Distance: 1/4 mile round trip
Difficulty: 6
Beauty: 4


It seems like every waterfall in this region is a pleasant surprise, and Stony Creek Falls is no different. Many people have no idea this waterfall exists and that it’s relatively easy to get to. It isn’t tall, by any means, but it’s always fascinating that something like this exists so far east.


From Exit 170 off of Interstate 85 west of Durham, head west on US 70 and take the first right onto Pleasant Green Road. Drive just under 1/2 mile to a gravel road right before the road crosses the Eno River. This is the Pleasant Green Access for Eno River State Park.

Hike Description

While most people will leave the parking lot and hike the trail that runs along the river, you will take the dirt path that leaves the north end of the parking lot just to the left of an information board. A few yards in, you’ll go down into an old gulley before coming to a fork in the trail. Go left and walk around an old cove from the river. You’ll have fencing to your left separating you from an electrical substation and other industrial items.

After another few yards, you should hear the falls. Take a scramble down over the rocks and to the creek bed for your best view of the falls.

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