Clark Park Falls

Height: 30 feet
Trail Type: Asphalt and dirt
Hike Distance: A few dozen yards
Difficulty: 1
Beauty: 2


The J. Bayard Clark Park & Nature Center is a pretty big recreational area with several biking trails and a big playground. You’d think a 30-foot waterfall in the eastern part of North Carolina would be the headlining attraction at a place like this, but it’s really just a minor note, which should tell you something.

There’s no good vantage point to see the falls, which drop into a heavily eroded opening in the ground to a shallow pool. By the middle of summer, the trees and bushes around the falls in full bloom will almost completely block out the falls, especially if the creek levels are super low. The best time to visit is after a heavy rain.


From Exit 28 off of Interstate 295, drive south on Ramsey Street for about 5 miles and turn left onto Sherman Drive. At the bottom of the hill, the road turns to gravel and ends in a big parking area.

Hike Description:

From the parking area, follow the path across the railroad tracks and walk over to the Nature Center. The main viewing point for the falls is behind the Nature Center, but you can also follow the trail over the creek and try to catch a glimpse on the other side of the mini-gorge. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can try scrambling down to the bottom.

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