Skinny Dip Falls

Height: 30 feet
Trail Type: Dirt and rock
Hike Distance: 0.85 miles round trip
Difficulty: 5
Beauty: 3


Update 6/3/2022: According to Waterfall Rich, when Tropical Storm Fred came through the area in August 2021, the flood waters completely destroyed this waterfall. Rocks were carried from upstream and filled in the swimming hole. The trail, which has since been repaired, was destroyed. You can still visit, but it looks completely different from the image above and can’t even be considered a waterfall anymore.

If you’re traveling along the Blue Ridge Parkway during the summer and come up to the Looking Glass Rock Overlook at Milepost 417, you may notice that the parking area is packed, but the number of people at the overlook doesn’t match the number of cars. That’s because most of them crossed the road and took the trail to Skinny Dip Falls.

You probably won’t find anyone naked at the falls, but you’ll certainly find just about everyone swimming in the pool there. The falls are in three sections. The middle section empties out into a large and fairly deep pool. This is where you’ll find most of the swimmers. The creek then falls down another smaller ledge and flows underneath a footbridge. The creek is a few feet deep here but is crystal clear, allowing you to see all the way to the bottom.


From the intersection of US 276 and the Blue Ridge Parkway, head south on the parkway for about 5 miles and park at the Looking Glass Rock Overlook at Milepost 417.

Hike Description:

The trail enters the forest across from the parking area and climbs a short hill before dropping you at a 4-way intersection that a lot of people use as a primitive campground. Keep straight and follow the trail up some exposed tree roots before it descends down the mountain and over several rocks. The trail comes out above the third section of the falls. Follow the steps down to the footbridge over the creek to get to the rest.

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