Merry Falls


Height: 20 feet
Trail Type: Dirt
Hike Distance: A few feet
Difficulty: 0
Beauty: 7


Although not on official DuPont State Forest property, Merry Falls is a nice little roadside waterfall that you can add to your list to check out if you’re in the area. The falls is right beside a well-maintained gravel road and there is plenty of room to pull off and walk over.


There are several ways to get here. The harder, more scenic route would be to turn right onto Cascade Lake Road from Crab Creek Road in the Little River community. The road turns to gravel after about a mile and winds through a forested area along the Little River and Cascade Lake.

You can also drive about 11 miles down US 276 from downtown Brevard to the Cedar Mountain Community and turning left on the same Cascade Lake Road. The road turns to gravel after about a mile and the falls are 1.1 miles on the left.

The third option, if you’re coming from DuPont State Forest, is to drive to the end of Staton Road, turn right onto Cascade Lake Road, and drive about 1.5 miles to the falls on the left.

Hike Description:

You can see the falls from the road (if you’re coming from the north). There are a couple of pulloffs along the road near the falls and a well-worn scramble trail down just a bit to get you a better view.

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