Fourth Falls

Height: 150 feet
Trail Type: Dirt and mountain
Hike Distance: Doesn’t matter
Difficulty: 10
Beauty: 9

Overview: Unless you’re spending a few days at The Wilds Christian Camp, you won’t be able to visit these falls. The people who run the camp don’t allow the public to hike the trail to the falls. Only campers are allowed to take the supervised hike. It’s a shame, but it’s probably for the best. While Fourth Falls is a multi-tiered falls that tumbles and crashes down several different ledges, the hike is a killer.

Directions: The falls are on private property.

Hike Description: The hike down to the falls is relatively easy. The trail descends gradually down the ridge via a few switchbacks to the banks of Toxaway Creek. The hike back, however, forces you to literally climb up the ridge. You’ll need to hold on to exposed rocks and tree roots to pull yourself up the mountain.

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