Dill Falls

Height: 65 feet
Trail Type: Dirt
Hike Distance: 0.4 miles round trip
Difficulty: 4
Beauty: 8


Dill Falls is a beautiful 65-foot falls in which the first third starts as a freefall before transitioning to a long, steep slide to the base. The forest service has done some work here in recent years clearing out the creek bank at the base to provide a really good view.


From the intersection of US 64 and NC highway 215, head north on NC 215 for 14.4 miles and turn left onto FR 4663. It looks like you’re turning into someone’s driveway, but when the road forks, stay to the left. I don’t recommend this road for cars. Drive 1.8 miles and you’ll come to a sharp left hand turn up a hill. Go straight. I promise you will not drive off a cliff. FR 4663B forks here. Take this road to the end.

Hike Description:

There are three paths that lead from the end of the road here. Take the middle path over the hump and descend down to the creek to the base of the falls.

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