Catheys Creek Falls

Catheys Creek

Height: 50 feet
Trail Type: Dirt
Hike Distance: 1/4 mile round trip
Difficulty: 8
Beauty: 8


When I was originally putting together my waterfall book, I had made an effort to visit Catheys Creek Falls. I drove to the spot I thought I was supposed to stop at, only to find no real way down to the creek. However, on the second attempt, I found it, and I will do my best to explain where to go, because this one is worth it. 


From the intersection of US 64 and US 276 in Brevard, head west on US 64 and drive 6.9 miles to Catheys Creek Road on the right. Take the immediate left onto Catheys Creek Road and drive 3.2 miles up the ridge on the gravel road. After 3 switchbacks you’ll reach the top of a ridge and a large pulloff on the right. One of two boulders was spray painted with a little graffiti when I last visited, so maybe that can be your landmark. Keep driving and park at the next pulloff on the right.

Hike Description:

The trail descends steeply down the ridge, but you can see the waterfall from the road. Just take your time and you’ll be fine. It’s pretty straightforward and easy to follow.

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