Bird Rock Falls

Height: 15 feet
Trail Type: Dirt and rock
Hike Distance: 0.4 miles round trip
Difficulty: 4
Beauty: 4


Bird Rock Falls isn’t anything you would ever make a special trip for, but since it’s right downstream from French Broad Falls, you might as well check it out. The scene around the falls makes it worth it. Bird Rock Falls glides down a smooth slope and rubs up against a huge rock wall that several birds use for nesting (hence the name).


Same as for French Broad Falls.

Hike Description:

A clear trail leads downstream from French Broad Falls and follows the river for less than a quarter mile. There are a couple of wooden footbridges and a nice little cave along the way. You’ll also pass a nice double falls totaling about 20 feet high. As far as I can tell, these falls aren’t named, but they’re worth a look. The trail deposits you at the base of Bird Rock Falls. The rock here is on a steep slope and gets really slippery when it’s wet.

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