Widow’s Creek Falls

Height: 25 feet
Trail Type: Dirt and rock
Hike Distance: Less than 200 yards
Difficulty: 2
Beauty: 6


Widow’s Creek Falls is tucked into a neat little area. The falls here slides evenly and heavily down some interestingly carved rock into a splash pool that smaller kids can enjoy. Beyond that, the creek bed is pretty shallow, so you wouldn’t need to worry about anyone getting swept away.


From the parking area for Stone Mountain Falls, go back out to the main road and turn left. Drive about 3 miles and park in the pullout on the other side of the bridge over Widow’s Creek.

Hike Description:

You’ll walk along the creek for a few yards before coming to the falls. You may need to get creative (and a little dirty) and crawl under/over/through some low hanging tree branches to get closer, but there are several angles to view the falls.

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