Waterfalls Park Falls (Blood Camp Branch Falls)

Height: 40 feet
Trail Type: Dirt and steps
Hike Distance: A few yards
Difficulty: 1
Beauty: 2


Have you ever wondered what a waterfall looks like at night? Probably not because those aren’t the kinds of things you think about. But if you ever wanted to know, Waterfalls Park Falls is the place for you to visit. I realize that the name sounds generic and pretty dumb. However, the falls is on Blood Camp Branch, so I can understand why park organizers went with a tamer name. The town of Newland has taken this relatively unimpressive waterfall, which drops a total of 40 feet in three distinct sections, and finely manicured the area around the creek bed and installed several lights along the way to illuminate the falls at night to make it a nice little hangout.


From the intersection of NC highway 181 and NC highway 194 in downtown Newland, head north on 194 for a little over a mile. There’s a Dollar General across from the park.

Hike Description:

There isn’t much of one. You can choose to walk out over the cute little bridge over the creek and view the falls, or you can head up a steep set of steps to each section of the waterfall.

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