Silvervale Falls

Height: 80 feet
Trail Type: Dirt
Hike Distance: Roadside View
Difficulty: 0
Beauty: 1


What happens when you give a waterfall to a bunch of white privileged hillbilly dirtfoot turd flingers who want to stick it to the man and express themselves with spray paint and write nonsensical things like “Tater loves Becky” all over the rock? You get Silvervale Falls.

Without all the graffiti, Silvervale would easily be in my Top 10 of the prettiest waterfalls in the state, but it’s just not possible with all the “art” painted on the exposed rock of the falls. Otherwise, the 80-foot falls would be magnificent, especially for lazy people because it’s right beside the road. 


From the intersection of US 321/221 and the Blue Ridge Parkway in Blowing Rock, drive south down the mountain for 8.7 and turn right onto Waterfalls Road shortly after you pass Black Bear General Store (which has some great cider). The falls will be on the left.

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