Riverview Falls

Height: 35 feet
Trail Type: Roadside View
Hike Distance: None
Difficulty: 0
Beauty: 4


I’m still debating whether Riverview Falls is an actual waterfall or just a relentless runoff down the mountain. It’s only a couple of feet wide and my guess is that it’s nonexistent during periods of drought. Additionally, I don’t know if it’s on a private street or not, but it’s definitely bordering on “remote” and “there’s no real reason for you to be here.”

If none of that bothers you, the New River, which gives everything it touches the exact definition of “pastoral,” gently flows a few feet away, hence the name of the falls. I don’t recommend making a special trip for it, but if you’re road tripping in the area, go ahead and take a look.


From Downtown Boone, follow US 221 north to Jefferson. Just on the other side of Jefferson, US 221 turns left. However, you want to stay straight on NC highway 16. From that intersection, drive 2.5 miles to Cox Road, which splits off to the right and goes downhill. Follow this road just under 2 miles to where it looks like you’ve arrived at a private residence. The road hairpins here. Follow the hairpin and the falls is a short ways down on the right.

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