Duggers Creek Falls

Height: 19 feet
Trail Type: Dirt (and water if you want)
Hike Distance: 0.2 miles round trip
Difficulty: 4
Beauty: 6


Duggers Creek Falls isn’t terribly tall and is only worth seeing if you’re already checking out Linville Falls. However, the scene it creates is fascinating. The falls are at the back of a tiny little gorge cut out by the creek. The rock walls along the gorge have all kinds of character. A photographer could spend a lot of time here getting some cool shots as long as the waterfall is healthy.


Same as for Linville Falls

Hike Description:

From the opposite end of the Linville Falls parking area, the trail to Duggers Creek Falls ascends up a hill for a short distance. The trail comes to a narrow wooden bridge over the creek. The falls will be a short distance upstream. If water levels are lower and there are a lot of leaves on the trees, you may have a hard time seeing the falls. You can very easily hop down and walk up the narrow creek bed as well if you don’t mind getting your feet wet.

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