Walker Falls

Height: 45 feet
Trail Type: None
Hike Distance: None
Difficulty: 0
Beauty: 7


Walker Falls is located inside the Big Ivy section of the Pisgah National Forest, which features several rare plant species and old-growth forest. The gravel Dillingham Road/FR 74, which leads from Barnardsville to the trailhead to Douglas Falls is barely wide enough for two cars to pass and climbs 1,600 feet in elevation.

From the bottom of the valley to Walker Falls, you’ll pass three other significant (but unnamed) falls along the way. Beyond Walker Falls, you’ll pass 7 more falls. Each one is well over 30 feet high, but they’re all on tiny tributaries flowing off the mountains, so it’s best to visit these falls in the spring after heavy rain.

If you’re traveling along Dillingham Road, Walker Falls is the most obvious waterfall along the way. You’ll definitely know it when you see it as compared to the rest of the falls along the way. It’s much wider and stronger than the others, and the road has been purposely widened at the falls to make room for people to park and check it out.


From Exit 15 off of Interstate 26, head north on NC highway 197 for 6 miles to the tiny community of Barnardsville. Turn right onto Dillingham Road. The road turns to gravel at the base of the mountains. The falls are 9.1 miles from the intersection of Dillingham and 197.

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